No 2(46) (2016)

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Table of Contents

Quality, standardization and certification in pharmacy

Quantitative determination of lactic and salicylic acids by means of method of acid-based titration of combined their presence in cream of keratolytic action PDF
N. Yu. Bevz, I. M. Grubnik, Ie. V. Gladukh 10-13
Study of physical and chemical properties of suppositories based on lipophilic extract of extractions of pumpkin PDF (Українська)
K. A. Degtyarova, I. V. Herasymova, T. V. Oproshanska 14-18
Study of kinetics of dissolution of combined medicine with nifuroxazide «Diaplant» PDF (Русский)
Ramy Fares, L. A. Bobritskaya, E. S. Nazarova, N. A. Gerbina 19-24

Management, economics in pharmacy

Assessment of public’s satisfaction with pharmaceutical care quality PDF
A. A. Kotvitska, I. O. Lobova 26-31
Analysis of experience of management of intellectual resources in domestic universities of medical and pharmaceutical profile PDF (Українська)
E. V. Litvinova, O. V. Posylkina 32-41
Generalization of socio-effective approaches towards calculation of wholesale – selling and reference prices for insulins in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
V. N. Nazarkina, A. S. Nemchenko, L. S. Simonian 42-48
Actual problems of improvement of regulatory politics of state in branch of circulation and advertisement of medicines PDF (Українська)
A. S. Soloviev, I. V. Klimenko, T. I. Krasnianska, S. V. Augunas 49-58

Marketing, logistics, pharmacoeconomic research

Indicators of assessment of quality of pharmaceutical guardianship: scientific generalization and approaches to implementation PDF (Українська)
I. A. Zupanets, E. M. Lischishina, E. A. Shilkina, V. E. Dobrova 60-64
Analysis of dynamics of development of market of para pharmaceutical goods and review of up – to – date forms of their implementation in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
V. I. Mishchenko 65-70
Adaptive approaches towards modelling of medicines provision in Sudan regarding influence of external factors PDF (Русский)
Osama Abuzaid Mohamed Nour Ahmed, O. M. Ievtushenko, S. V. Velma 71-79
Sientific and methodical approaches concerning selection of suppliers of pharmaceutical products for wholesale pharmaceutical companies PDF (Українська)
O. V. Posylkina, A. G. Lesnaya, Yu. E. Novitskaya, N. V. Demchenko 80-87