Assessment of public’s satisfaction with pharmaceutical care quality

A. A. Kotvitska, I. O. Lobova


The investigation on the public’s satisfaction with pharmaceutical care based on the analysis of questionnaire responses on pharmacy services from the patients at 27 pharmacies in Kharkiv was performed. We developed six evaluation indices for  pharmacy services, and showed that the functions most sought
by patients were “Attitude of pharmacy/pharmacist” and “Facilities”. The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between these pharmacy functions and patient satisfaction by analyzing responses from the same questionnaire survey. Overall satisfaction score with the pharmacy was employed as the dependent variable, while the six factors derived from the 20 items evaluation scale in the questionnaire by factor analysis were used as the independent variables. As a result of analysis, it was found that four variables had a significant positive correlation with public’s satisfaction, two had a significant inverse correlation, and one showed no significant correlation. These results suggest that: attitude of the pharmacists such as general attitude and specialized activities of pharmacy/pharmacist such as supplying information and explanations, and convenience of hours are not only judged to be important by patients, but also influence their satisfaction.


public’s satisfaction; pharmaceutical care; pharmacy

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