No 1(45) (2016)

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Quality, standardization and certification in pharmacy

Study of antimicrobial activity of preservatives with the aom of a vaginal gel design PDF (Українська)
M. L. Bavykina, L. І. Vyshnevska, T. P. Osolodchenko, V. A. Mehalinskyi 8-13
Technological aspects of optimization of production process of the drug “SINARTA” for parenteral administration PDF (Українська)
A. I. Goy 14-18
Electronic case report forms as a tool for quality management of bioequivalence studies PDF (Українська)
K. O. Zupanets, V. Ye. Dobrova, O. O. Andreeva 19-25
Garmonization requirements to quality of herb centaury with the requirements of the monograph “CENTAURY” european pharmacopoeia PDF (Українська)
J. O. Proskurova, S. M. Gubar, O. A. Yevtifeyeva, E. E. Kotova, A. G. Kotov 26-30

Management, economics in pharmacy

Introduction of distance learning in the post-graduate pharmaceutical education: possibilities, problems, advantages PDF
O. F. Piminov, L. I. Shulga, S. I. Trutaiev, K. O. Burian 32-37
Improvement of social protection for pharmacy professionals by preventing their professional burnout PDF (Українська)
M. V. Zarichkova 38-43
Research of normative legal regulation of import substitution production of medicines in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
A. A. Kotvitska, V. H. Kostiuk 44-48
Reference pricing on biotherapeutic drugs: monitoring of the insulin wholesale prices in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
A. S. Nemchenko, V. M. Nazarkina, L. S. Simonian, K. O. Tsareva 49-56
Research study of drug supplying method to the pharmacies influencing the work time loss of quality monitoring specialists PDF (Українська)
V. M. Tolochko, T. O. Artіukh, T. F. Muzyka 57-60

Marketing, logistics, pharmacoeconomic research

Effectiveness of current multi-channel marketing in pharmacy PDF
I. V. Pestun, Z. M. Mnushko 62-66
Marketing research of medicines for causal treatment of streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis in children PDF (Українська)
A. N. Masheiko, O. V. Makarenko, A. V. Cherhinets 67-71
Marketing analysis of the market cardiovascular drugs in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
M. M. Slobodyanyuk, Yu. B. Baygush 72-79
Clinical and economic analysis pharmacotherapy of patients with chronic cholecystitis PDF (Українська)
O. V. Tkachova, A. A. Silaev 80-85