No 3 (59) (2019)

Table of Contents

Quality, standardization and certification in pharmacy

Analysis of risk factors of contamination by mechanical inclusions of laboratory series of the preparation “Niavit, solution for injections” at the pharmaceutical development stage PDF (Українська)
M. S. Almakaiev, V. G. Dolia 6-11
Qualitative composition and quantitative determination of the fatty and organic acids of Rhododendron purdomii R. leaves using gas chromatography – mass spectrometry method PDF (Українська)
T. M. Gontova, V. P. Gaponenko, K. I. Proskurina, V. V. Mashtaler, O. S. Mala 12-17
Analysis of the modern approaches for the prevention of antimicrobial resistance: role and place of physical and chemical research methods in vitro and the investigation of bioequivalence PDF (Українська)
A. O. Dobrova, O. S. Popov, I. A. Zupanets, V. A. Georgiyants 18-26

Management, economics in pharmacy

International mechanism to confront medical products falsification as a means to improve the quality of Ukrainian pharmacy PDF (Українська)
O. S. Soloviov 28-34
Determination of pharmacy specialists’ motivation profiles in pharmacy PDF (Українська)
V. M. Tolochko, T. O. Artiukh 35-46

Marketing, logistics, pharmacoeconomic research

Market research of drugs used for local treatment of dermatitis PDF (Українська)
O. G. Bashura, V. S. Mirgorod, S. G. Bobro 48-54
Monitoring of indicators of physical and socio-economic availability of medicines used for Parkinson’s disease treatment PDF (Українська)
A. A. Kotvitska, O. S. Prokopenko 55-63
Analysis of the assortment, socio-economic availability and volumes of drugs consumption of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory group on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market PDF (Українська)
L. V. Iakovlieva, A. A. Titova 64-72