No 3(51) (2017)

Table of Contents

Quality, standardization and certification in pharmacy

Development of the technology for «Propolis-AK» gel for treating acne PDF (Українська)
S. G. Bobro, O. I. Tikhonov, O. S. Shpychak 4-13
Of quality indicators determination and study of the stability of pessaries with acyclovir and essential oils PDF (Українська)
O. N. Litvinova, Ju. V. Levachkova, V. M. Chushenko 14-19
Qualitative composition determination of the biologically active compounds in raw material of Centaurium erythraea Rafn. and Centaurium pulchellum (Sw.) Druce herb by liquid chromatographymass spectrometry method PDF (Українська)
Ya. A. Proskurova, S. M. Gubar, V. A. Georgiyants 20-24
The substantiation of scientific and methodical approaches to identification and evaluation of risks in parenteral medical forms combined production PDF (Українська)
A. M. Goy, O. V. Posylkina, Y. N. Derenska, M. I. Borshchevska 25-32

Management, economics in pharmacy

Main aspects of administrative liability of the staff employed in the field of pharmacy in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
N. S. Bogdan, A. O. Palamar, O. M. Goroshko, O. Ya. Vasylynchuk, Z. Ya. Hutsuliak, O. S. Shpychak 34-38
Theoretical and applied bases for optimization of pharmaceutical enterprises advertising budget using economic and mathematical modelling PDF (Українська)
A. B. Olkhovska 39-50

Marketing, logistics, pharmacoeconomic research

Structural analysis of professional pharmaceutical internet-resources PDF
I. V. Timanyuk, I. V. Pestun 52-60
Assortment research and the pharmaceutical analysis stages of diagnostic medical devices: stethoscopes PDF (Українська)
І. І. Baranova, O. E. Makarova, T. V. Martyniuk, M. V. Nikitina 61-67