Scientific and practical approaches to design management organizational structure of social responsibility of pharmaceutical companies

Yu. S. Bratishko, O. V. Posilkina


Aim. To synthesize the leading foreign and domestic experience of the modern pharmaceutical companies (PC) concerning creation of the management organizational structure of social responsibility (OSMSR).

Materials and methods. Analysis, synthesis, empirical, modeling methods and method of poll.

Results. In the article it is defined that social responsibility of pharmaceutical business is an ability of pharmaceutical branch subjects to undertake the financial, economic, social and ecological obligations for consequences of their activity before all interested parties which is implemented through ethical behavior taking into account interests and expectations of all stakeholders at observance of the current legislation and the international ISO standards on the principles of voluntariness and mutual benefit. It is proved that socially responsible activity domestic PC demands appropriate organizational support. Authors carried out the analysis of the leading domestic and foreign experience concerning creation of OSMSR at the pharmaceutical enterprises (PE), generalization is carried out and the OSMSR model Ukrainian is offered PC.

Conclusions. Today there is a set of problematic issues concerning creation of optimum OSMSR of domestic PC among which are: formation of effective personnel capacity of management of social responsibility, optimization of expenses on management of social responsibility, increases in efficiency and stability of partnership with stakeholders, increase socially responsible consciousnesses of personnel and many others. Tough competition for loyalty of consumers and also desire of an exit domestic PC on foreign market, does very relevant actions for increase in efficiency of socially responsible activity due to creation of optimum organizational structure of management. Thus, the OSMSR model offered by authors is relevant for introduction on modern PC. Due to increase in effective management of social responsibility domestic PC can strengthen image, strengthen business reputation, strengthen own competitive positions both on domestic, and on international the pharmaceutical markets.


social responsibility; organizational structure of management; pharmaceutical enterprise


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