Marketing research of consumers’ behavior and factors of the choice of antihypertensive drugs for purchasing characteristics, socio-demographic characteristics and awareness

I. V. Sakhanda, K. L. Kosyachenko, T. S. Nehoda


It is well-known that cardiovascular disease is the main cause of mortality in the population of Ukraine. The leading place among them is the prevalence of arterial hypertension (AH), which is a large-scale medical and social problem. The modern concept for treatment of hypertension is clearly marked and reasoned however, in clinical practice, the therapy of this disease often remains inadequate, which affects the mortality indicators, disability, temporary disability through hypertension.

Aim. To identify the benefits of consumers with the use of antihypertensive drugs.

Results. During the study of the market for antihypertensive drugs (AHD), we used method of questionnaires. The survey was conducted within 4 weeks. Every week, a survey of people over the age of 16 was conducted in 150 drugstores, selected randomly, taking into account geographical distribution. Three consecutive weeks the respondents were asked about the same drugs.

Conclusions. Research of the market for antihypertensive drugs through questionnaires and surveys during 4 weeks showed that among 1075 respondents, 51,4 % of antihypertensive drugs used (the majority of them are women – 70,4 %).


antihypertensive drugs; purchasing characteristics; socio-demographic features


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