Analysis of assortment and availability indicators of spasmolytic drugs for gastrointestinal tract functional disorders in Ukraine

L. V. Iakovlieva, D. V. Zakorko


Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) functional disorders are one of the most urgent problems in modern gastroenterology, which is due to the widespread nature of this pathology and the problems associated with it. They form a group of heterogeneous (different in nature and origin) clinical states, manifested by various symptoms and disorders of gastrointestinal tract functions, and are not accompanied by structural, metabolic or systemic changes. According to the results of numerous epidemiological studies, up to 50-60 % of adults and up to 30-40 % of children who apply to gastroenterologists suffer from various functional disorders in the digestive system. The World Health Organization (WHO) states: over the past 60 years, the incidence of these disorders has increased 24-fold.
Aim. To analyze the range, prices and availability indicator Ca.s. of anesthetic drugs in Ukraine during 2014-2016, and to determine the dynamics of these characteristics for the study period.
Results. In 2016 there were 9 INN on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market , 69 trade names (TN) of drugs were detected. The structural analysis of antispasmodics assortment (2016) showed the largest TN assortment is characteristic of INN: Drotaverin – 30 TN; Simethicone – 16 TN; Papaverine – 10 TN. Medicines are presented on the market in a wide assortment and in an affordable price range, which enables the physician to choose a drug based on its effectiveness and safety. Spasmolytics are presented in a variety of forms: tablets, capsules, syrups, rectal suppositories, oral drops (in the form of emulsions), and solutions / suspensions for the preparation of injections. The most common form of release in this pharmacological group is the pill. In the process of analysis the antispasmodics drugs assortment during the period of 2014-2016, a tendency was observed in the decreased number of foreign manufactured medicines, but there was a slight increase in domestic drug production. By the indicator of economic availability, most generic drugs used for treatment functional disorders in gastrointestinal tract, are highly available. In most cases, imported medicines are in average availability.                        Conclusions. During the three years studies, the number of domestic generic drugs increased, which are more accessible to Ukrainian consumers, and the number of imported medicines is slightly decreased. The range of prices varied from low to high, and this gave the opportunity to individually choose drugs based on the active ingredients, dosage forms and prices. It ranged from 4.35 to 266.31 UAH, and within the limits of one INN Drotaverin. The study of antispasmodic drugs availability allowed us to establish the vast majority of SLS is represented by highly available medicines, and only some of the INNs are mediated by spasmolytic action medications of mebeverine, drotaverin and pinaverium bromide.


spasmolytic drugs; drugs assortment analysis; INN; price; availability of drugs; indicator of Ca.s.


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