Domestic market analysis of medicinal products for treatment of inflammatory respiratory diseases

O. S. Kukhtenko, Ie. V. Gladukh, L. S. Simonian


According to official WHO data, the incidence of acute bronchitis is about 5 % in adult population annually with 82 % of cases occur in winter and autumn. In the USA acute bronchitis is the 9th, and in Australia – the 5th most common reason for patients to appeal to general practitioners. «Bronkhosten» is a combined preparation proposed by us, includes a complex of vegetative raw materials extracts recommended for the following diseases: acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by cough with formation of viscous mucus and bronchospasm.
Aim. To make a market analysis of the wholesale market of pharmaceutical drugs used for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory respiratory diseases.
Results. The results of the analysis of offers of pharmaceutical drugs indicate that a significant advantage belongs to foreign-made drugs. Thus, the introduction into production of phytomedicine for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract in several dosage forms, namely, tinctures, syrups and lozenges will be perspective as it addresses the problem of import substitution in Ukraine.
Conclusions. According to the State expert center of Ministry of health of Ukraine data in December 2016 in the domestic market 183 trade names of drugs (including the release forms) of the group R05CA and 158 trade names of the group R05CB were registered. Analysis by the dosage forms of expectorant action drugs found that the vast majority of assortment is in the form of syrups, due to ease of use this category of drugs. Among the assortment of drugs of mucolytic actions the leaders are the drugs in solid product forms, namely tablets, powders, granules and capsules. Total specific weight per solid dosage forms in the group is about 60 %.


marketing analysis; pharmaceutical market of Ukraine; inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract; extract; combined drug


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