Marketing research of pharmaceutical market for the treatment of hepatobiliary system with a perspective design of plant­based medicinal product

L. I. Vyshnevska, O. O. Shmalko, V. A. Mehalinskyi


In recent years, worldwide there is a clear tendency of increasing the number of hepatobiliary diseases (DHBS). According to the data of research of the local pharmaceutical market for the treatment of liver and gallbladder diseases it was revealed that Ukrainian producers represent 34 % of the analyzed medicines. The most group represented consists of mono- and combined phytopreparations – 47 %. Among the plants that exhibit hepatoprotective, choleretic activity, the most common are artichoke (Cynara), Silybum marianum, Helichrysum arenarium. The ranking of the foreign countries which supply medicines
of analyzed group to Ukrainian pharmaceutical market has revealed that the leaders in regards with medicines represented are the following: India (15 %), Germany (13 %) and Russian Federation (8 %). Among pharmaceutical forms the most represented are capsules (28 %), tablets (25%) and injection
solutions (13 %). Such dosage form as a syrup is represented by the only drug that indicates the relevance of developing original medicine with combined effect.


liver and gallbladder diseases; marketing analysis; pharmaceutical market; syrups

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