Scientific-methodical approaches to evaluating the performance of public organizations in pharmacy

I. V. Susharina, A. S. Nemchenko, V. N. Khomenko


The article shows the relevance of assessing the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical associations, proposals should be based on assessment of performance characteristics of their activities, goals and objectives – efficiency of interaction with the authorities, the activity carried out by the breadth of professional events, lobbying. Also, the results of content analysis of appeals of the United Organizations employers of medical and microbiological industry of Ukraine to the state authorities for the 2013-2015 GG, which showed high rates of activity and lobbying of professional interests. At the same time, analysis of the responses of public authorities is insufficient evidence of high performance: the total percentage of partially positive, formal and non-response of 29.3 %, 41.5 % and 37.7 % for 2013-2015 respectively, while negative responses – to 6.8 % (2015) also established a fairly high percentage of the total complaints for which no replies were received 22.7 %, 21.7 % and 19.4 % and 4.5 % obtained in time; 13.0 % and 16.7 % over the period studied. As a result, the efficiency of interaction OEMMI and public authorities was low, which requires further analysis of the causes and take action to improve it.


pharmacy; professional non-governmental organizations; pharmaceutical associations; performance assessment


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