The analysis of the availability of nasal corticosteroids at the regional market




nasal corticosteroids, average retail prices, DDD, availability, competitiveness


Aim. To analyse the availability of nasal corticostyroids (NC) in the regional market (on the example of Lviv region).
Results. It was found that the average retail prices (ARP) of 5 international non-proprietary names of NC in the form of 15 trade names were in the range from 127.35 to 440.13 UAH in 2019, from 158.12 to 461.75 UAH in 2020 and from 187.2 to 562.9 UAH in 2021. The prices of one DDD of the analysed NC ranged from 2.88 UAH to 15.76 UAH in 2019, from 3.27 to 19.5 UAH in 2020 and from 6.5 UAH to UAH 18.76 in 2021. Despite the growth of the ARP, the availability rate for the most NC was higher than one. It was found that the competitiveness of the NC was characterized by annual instability.
Conclusions. Based on the study of ARP as a separate package and one DDD of 5 international non-proprietary names of NC in the form of 15 trade names, which were presented in the regional market of Lviv region every month from January 2019 to January 2021, it was found that prices for most NC increased. Analysis of the availability index of NC revealed that for more than two thirds of NC it was higher than one. Thus, the average salary for the analysed period grew faster than the ARP of NC. Using graphical and mathematical methods of competitiveness assessment, it was shown that the price situation and the width of the distribution channel in the regional market of NC was quite unstable, which requires constant monitoring.

Key words: nasal corticosteroids; average retail prices; DDD; availability; competitiveness


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Marketing, logistics, pharmacoeconomic research